C++ functions Reference?

Hello. I’m totally new to UE4 (coming from Unity). I’ve read through the documentation and the Unreal Engine API reference but I still don’t know where to find the technical reference (if there is one) about functions like AActor::TriggerEnter() or AActor::Tick() - accepted parameters, return type so on.
I don’t mean the use cases, tutorials or other explanations but more like a list of the classes with links to their properties and methods.

You pretty much install VisualAssist… run Visual Studio, type these functions in your C++ file, select it then press F12.
This engine is impossible to have everything documented (real documentation). It’s too big and changes all the time.

Or press alt+shift+s and type it in there

Thanks guys, I understand.

or you can press ctrl+f type there, select Entire Solution And Click to Find all, this way you have usage cases, :stuck_out_tongue: peace all!

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks. Any tip is useful for me.