c++ exterior librarie

hi, please i want to know if it is possible to use external c++ libraries like the QT one spetially in networking to make multiplayer games
and i also want to know if it is going to work also on phones , consoles …

Hi Sangloo,

RE: Working on mobile, it depends on the library. If you have source code for the external library, you should be able to get it to work on any platform. If you don’t have source code and it doesn’t include a prebuilt .lib (or .a or equivalent) for a particular platform, then you cannot use it there.

RE: Your specific case, unless you have a compelling reason to use QT (like a bunch of existing code written to use it), I’d recommend using Slate instead of QT for trivial portability (works anywhere UE4 does) and interop with the rest of UE4.

Michael Noland

Thanks, all i wanted to know and yes maybe i’m going to take a look at slate and try to understand how it works