C++ Engine Fundamentals Course

Hello Everyone!

So this isn’t a “how do I code C++ and make a game” post. I’ve seen people’s woe’s all around when it comes to C++ and Unreal. There’s a lot of C++ tutorials about how to accomplish a lot of specific tasks, but being new to the actual engine itself, it would be nice to have a better walk through and start to finish, that explains the engine’s fundamentals.

I’ve been following the new Survival Game series and there’s no explaining on what’s going on, so being new, it’s a pain to have to open it up in the editor, see the blueprints the guy created and how to simply get that character on the screen. It’s a lot of magic. It took me a while just to find out that there is a character blueprint that inherits from the C++ character to add the mesh and added to the world. lol

Wiki Code Tutorials - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums is a GREAT resource for tutorials. I can basically get stuck on something and search, “How to do ___ with C++ and Unreal” and there’s a good change I find something there.

It would just be great to learn about the engine in a non-tutorial style course.

Another example of someone having similar issues: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?31896-Getting-Atajrubah-Online-amp-Building-A-Guide-for-Others (read author’s first post).

Unity has tons of them and they are really easy to follow.

Everyone LOVES tutorials. I love them. I nerd out on them. But before getting confused on them, I’d love a better refresher and how-to course and I’m sure the community would love that too.

Here’s a unity example where they explain the engine fundamentals first, then as they go into game development, continue explaining fundamentals. It really teaches you the ins and outs of the engine: C# Unity Developer 2D Coding: Learn to Code Video Games | Udemy and their kickstarter for this is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bentristem/complete-unity-3d-developer-course/description (also, if my math is right, over 33k sales for that course at a discounted price of $49 is almost a million $ after 50% rev-share… get on it someone! :P)

When is Unreal going to put the same amount of focus into C++ courses as they do with Blueprints?