C++ Editor UI

Hi folks,

I’ve been looking at adding an editor plugin to speed up/improve production of buildings in my game - it’s very complicated and I’ve been away from C++ for quite some time. I was wondering if anyone could guide me a bit in relation to making a title with drop down as per the below image:


So I’d like to be able to add something like the “Brush” with the collapsing/opening contents. It’s potentially really simple, but I can’t find a great deal of information out there. It’s potentially a Tree List? But it’s baffling me a little bit today.

Any help is amazing!


It’s just a detail customization:

Thanks ExtraLifeMatt - I guess I was mostly struggling with not knowing what name I was looking for! I’ll have a go at that tomorrow hopefully, thank you!

Check out Widget Reflector

Very interesting, I’ll definitely look at that thanks!