C++ compiles but editor cannot load the dll

I have a UCLASS that is built off of Actor and I have a C++ only class that is used as an object (just data, nothing the engine directly uses) by the UCLASS. when I compile it says successful but the editor will not hot reload the new build, and in the /binaries/Win64/ it just creates a new UE4Editor-PROJECT-.dll & .pdb ( is a 4 digit random number) and doesn’t delete the old one.

after compiling once and having the multiple sets of UE4Editor—.dll if I close the editor and try to reopen my project it says the UE4Engine-PROJECT.dll could not be loaded. and this makes the entire project unrecoverable.

deleting binaries/intermediate/.vs/saved, rebuilding, regenerating vs files all do not fix this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

I have made other more detailed posts about this issue here and here