C++ Compiler Toolchain, enable rtti


I am currently developing on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) with QT Creator (simply imported .pro file). Compilation works just fine when using standard C++ and Unreal modules.
No i need to include an external header which uses rtti (which is disabled by default in Unreal engine) to compile. I found several locations where this could be enabled (LinuxToolchain.cs by commenting line “Result += " -fno-rtti”;" , PROJECTNAME.Build.cs by adding “bUseRTTI = true;” as the first line in the constructor) But i have no Idea when or if these Files are called whenn compiling with QT-Creator or directly with the UnrealEditor.

Is there any information available on how the whole build process in Unreal engine works as i was unable to find any.

Thank you all in advance!

I need this, too.