C++ Compile Time

hello everyone I am coding with c ++ in unreal. But compile times can take 800 and sometimes 1200 seconds. Whatever I write (:wink: or (.) Compile times are too much. What causes this?
I recently formatted my computer.
(Unreal engine installed inside the harddisk)

My computer features:

-İ5 - 6400
-8gb 1070 Video card

The processor. It’s an old 4 core processor so don’t expect anything from it. The other important factors are RAM and an SSD. The video card is irrelevant in compile times. So if you want to increase compile times on a budget, I recommend upgrading the latter ones.

I had a similar spec before, and I had around 8-10 min build times. After upgrading my PC compile times were reduces to just 8-10 seconds! It’s crazy lol. (Ryzen 7 5800X, 32 GB RAM, M.2 NVME SSD)

Try moving everything to an SSD. I also had the same problem for me it took about 240 seconds in HDD moved it to SSD and it got reduced to a 50 sec or a min.

Only my Ram is 12gb I don’t think that would made much difference.

The best way to know is opening windows Task Manager → Performance and look what goes to 100% while compiling while the other components don’t, so you know what is the bottleneck.

With those times, I am pretty sure it will be the HDD, but could be a combo of slow HDD + amount of RAM, since 8GB are at the limit.