C++ code in blueprint project? Possible?!


Can you program in C++ in a blueprint project? Or am I forced to strictly use blueprint visual scripting for my blueprint project?

(Something like Execute code in visual scripting, and then putting to code in there) ?
I have tried to google it, but came up short…


The projects are just what sort of examples you start with. They do not exclude each other in any way.

Just make a new class from the “File” dropdown menu to get something to work with.


the ideal way to build games in unreal is use to both blue prints and c++ together!!!

the number 1 game in unreal engine right now is fortnite and that is built using 80% blueprint code + 20% c++ code together at the same time!!!

its up to you how much of each you use, but 80/20 is a pretty good ratio, 80% blueprint for the light demanding code, and 20% in c++ for the heavy stuff.

but when ur starting out u might want to go 100% blue prints, until you think u ready to release, and then add the c++ at the end.

Check out Magic Nodes, by the wonderful [USER=“434”]BrUnO XaVIeR[/USER] :

I mean, that is fundamentally not true.

this ratio of 80% blue print and 20 % c++ is not a “guess” on my part, I heard this directly from a dev working on fortnite.

Thank you for all of the answers. They were helpful.