C++ Classes not shown, can't open C++ Blueprint Function

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen discussions for this problem, but couldn’t solve it.

When I create c++ classes they are not shown in the assets, only when I click on c++ classes on the left.
It seems that it needs very long for compiling (almost a minute on a very good computer).

Also, when I click on c++ functions in blueprint it says “reading c++ symbols” (with green border) but nothing happens.

Im using UE4.25.4 and VS 2019 (installed GameDevelopment and UE installer)

I reinstalled both, but can’t make the c++ files appear or open the c++ functions in blueprint.

Thanks for every help guys!

1.Try to use Blueprint child class instead with UFUNCTION(BlueprintImplementable) (OR BlueprintNativeEvent)
2.The same issue happened to me also. You can just search those methods in UE code or on UE documentation website.

Ok, thanks for your fast reply. Is it intended that you don’t see your cpp classes in the asset browser?

Yes I can see these classes.