C++ Classes Folder isnt showing

For some reason C++ Classes Folder isnt showing up in Content Browser.
It was there the first time but it dissapeard later on in my project and now i cant get it back working.
Any clues why this could have happened?
Thankful for any help! :slight_smile:

Either you deactivated it in the content drawer, which happens, or you have a bug where the engine doesn’t recognise your C++ classes. Deleting the content of the Intermediate, vs., DerivedDataCache, Binaries (maybe also saved) folders and then regenerating visual studio project files should fix it

Have you tried checking the View Options filter at “Show C++ Classes” ?

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I have tried most of the stuff that they recomend doing, will try deleteing the files again dont think I deleted DerivedDataCache and Binaries. Will try that thx!

I deleted all the folders but it didnt do anything :frowning: , I have a Source File with all the .cpp / .h files in it but they still didnt show up in any C++ Classes Folder. Not sure what this could be, seems I might have a wierd bug hehe

Did you regenerate VS project files?

Yes, didnt do anything, its so weird, I think the only way to get it back is by redo a Project

Solution: If the C++ Classes folder isnt showing there is nothing to do except restart the project.
Somehing was corrupt with the project and I was unable to fix it, so I started over.