C++ Class works in Standalone but not in Viewport?

I’m pretty new to C++ and Programming in general, (Took some Java classes in High School like a decade ago) and thought I would try some of the basic lessons found on the website. In particular I tried the Quick Start Guide.

The basic problem is that in the Viewport when I click “Play”, the “Cone” that I attached “FloatingActorTest” to does not bob up and down like it’s meant to. But when I click “Launch” or “Standalone Game” it works just fine. I’m hoping to get insight on what’s causing this bug. I’m probably not experienced enough to be messing with C++, especially not on a game-making platform, but I felt like something this basic should be within my grasp.

I attached some snippets of the code below, but when it didn’t work the first time I just copy and pasted it to see if somehow I had a typo or something. No difference in the behavior.
Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me.