C++ class is fine but extending this class to blueprints causes issues

I have an issue where the C++ version of my Character class works fine. However as soon as I create a Blueprint class based off it and use it, it crashes the game and editor.

Are there any pointers anyone can give in why they think this might be happening?

I have a hunch it might be my uneducated use of UPROPERTY and UFUNCTION etc macros.



Could you please provide the code for the class that you are experiencing this issue with? That way I can attempt to reproduce the issue and see if there are any issues with the code itself that could be causing the problem. Thank you.

I can’t tell you without looking at the code, but it sounds like there’s probably an issue with your constructor / construction script. I’d set breakpoints at the class constructor and step through it line by line as soon as you create a derived blueprint from that class. You might have something as simple as a null reference exception somewhere in there without realizing it.