C++ changes not being reflected in blueprint project

Good morning forums!

I have been messing around with blueprints for some time and would like to move on to the hybrid unreal approach with organizing code execution with blueprints but increasing efficiency by creating the functions I need with c++. I notice that in a c++ project I can hit compile and it will do a “hot reload” of the scripts. In a blueprint project, however, I added a c++ class, made it log “hello”, then changed the text, but it still logs “hello”. Is there a hot reload functionality for blueprint projects?

I use “add C++ code to project” from the drop down menu, build in visual studio, then switch back to the editor. Does it need to be relaunched for blueprint projects to reflect code changes? The only other specific information I can provide is that the class is based on Actor and I tested it by dragging it into the scene. I tried combinations of saving the scene int he editor, deleting and re-adding the object, and building in visual studios.