C++ changes don't take effect Engine

So basically the problem that I am having is that the Engine doesn’t take effect, for example in a class I added some component but even compiling finishes the component doesn’t appear in the actor so I need to delete .vs Binaries Intermediate folders and .sln file to rebuild the project every time I add something, how could this been fixed?

Whenever you add new properties to an object, close the editor and rebuild in VS, then reload the editor, and you should be fine. You can’t add new properties in a Hot Reload situation, and I think you also can’t with Live Coding.

The problem is that even after restarting the Engine the changed c++ code just don’t take effect, so basically I need to delete all those folders and rebuid from zero to make Engine take effect of that code.

post the output from your build

Fix your warnings and errors. Also, it seems to indicate you are working on some sort of custom PUBG branch, so you might want to hit them up for tech support.

Also, you’re not compiling with the editor closed.

I don’t think this will work but you could try:

  1. Try making a new project in UE and see if that works.
  2. Try Reinstalling Visual Studio if that doesn’t work.
  3. Last thing I can suggest is that you will have to do is Reinstall the entire Unreal Engine and Visual Studio code.

Also you could try calling the tech support of UE and VS.

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It says it’s building a patch, so it’s building a live update, because the engine is running already.

A build without the engine running starts with

1>------ Build started: Project: (Project Name), Configuration: Development_Editor x64 ------

My guess is, that the Actor you put the component on somehow got screwed up.
Did you try to create a new Actor after compiling and add the component to him, and see if it works there?

I already had that happen to me a couple of times while using the editInlineNew and Instanced tags. Only new Actors got affected by the Changes, some Actors that already had the Component before Compiling didnt get effect.

Thanks solved it by moving from HDD to SSD and installed again the Engine

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Thanks for your help

Also thanks for your help

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