C++ Can't Reference PointLights?

Hi there, I’m new to C++ in ue4.

I have been following along with this tutorial: UE4 C++ Tutorial: Recreating Thief's Stealth Mechanic (Part 1) - YouTube

I can’t get a reference to “APointLight” as a variable. I am doing this of the default third person template. “APointLight” doesn’t come up on intellisense. Do I have to import a specific library to use it?

First, just because it doesn’t come up in intellisense doesn’t mean it won’t work. Intellisense in Unreal projects is a bit unreliable at times.
Have you included the header for point lights? Epic has made some changes to Unreal’s build system some time ago. You can find out which header to include in the documentation. )

Oh, and you don’t need the “Runtime/Engine/Classes” part. Just importing “Engine/PointLight.h” will suffice.

Thanks, I kept trying to use “PointLight.generated.h”