I was wondering if anyone knew how to make a hit counter aka a Combo meter. Sorry I cant add visual from what I have done but I havent done anything because Idk where to start. even if you know a link to a video that would show me anything helps.

Hi NerdRebellion,

You should be able to do a hit event or a component overlap (depending on how your combo is set up) that when it is fired off, if successful do a simple integer variable with a int + int, where the first int is your variable and the second int is 1. Set a retriggerable delay after this for the amount of time you want the counter to remain alive. Retriggerable delays reset their timer values whenever the function is called again before the float reaches 0.0. If it reaches 0.0 it will do whatever is after it. In this case you would reset your counter to 0.0. Something like this:


If you want to use the variable for a “Highest Combo” effect, you can do something a little more fancy by adding in a few checks. You can use the High Score var to display the high score on the screen while using the current combo to display in another location. This can be applied to a number of situations as well: physics bouncing games, fighting, quick shooting scores, etc.