C++ Build Times


I am looking for advise on how to speed up build times. Unreal seems to have a lot of overhead which slows down build times for smaller projects. I am using all the tips and strategies that I could find in the forum and online. These Include…


also in Build.cs
        MinFilesUsingPrecompiledHeaderOverride = 1;
        bFasterWithoutUnity = true;

There was I time, ( I think it was engine version 4.9) when I would get under 5 seconds compile time when building after a 1 file change. Now it seems to be over 20 seconds.

There seems to be a 15 second overhead somewhere. For example, If I compile after a 1 file change, it is 20 seconds. Then after that build completes, I immediately build again. It still takes 15 seconds after no changes.

Here is my build output with performance stats and some verbosity turned on.

1 File Change

NO Changes

I have about 200 cpp files. With my PC, the build times would be around 2 seconds if compiling straight from Visual c++.

I have a very fast new PC

cpu : I7-4600K

gpu: NVIDIA gtx-760

ram: 16g

hd: 512 NvMe Samsung 950 SSD

OS: Fresh install Win10

Any advise would be appreciated. Or possibly tell me where to look so I can go in and fix the problems myself.