C++/BP Programmer Required | Faceless

Project Title:
Faceless. (The Sorrowvirus is a Short Story/Demo that we want to release alongside our upcoming Kickstarter.)

Faceless is predominantly a multiplayer game that follows four people venturing into the abandoned Wakeland City. They learn that it contains dolls harbouring innocent souls within them, which need freeing. However, every step of the way will be a monster hunting you down, preventing you from getting rid of its food. (The Sorrowvirus (trailer above) is a single-player short story that explores a side story to Faceless, which follows the small journey of Wyatt Heyll who is struggling to come to terms with his torment and constantly unending trips to Purgatory, with four endings to find, Wyatt must find a way to set himself free.)

Team Structure**:**
Adam Sklar (Project Lead, Writer and Level Designer.)

Ángel Cruz Rodríguez (3D Modeller)

David Denyer (Music Composer)

John Pata (Sound Designer)

Natacha Abstado (Animator)

Vinícius Rodrigues dos Santos (Programmer)

**Talent Required:


  • Experience with both Blueprint and C++ are a must.
  • Existing experience with the above, as well as an existing portfolio (or private work to show.)
  • Willingness to undertake a test if asked in order to test said experience. (Will only request this if portfolio work is not substantial.)

Our current programmer isn’t able to offer enough time to the project, making it difficult to complete our Short Story, leading to our Kickstarter which will hopefully fund the rest of the game.


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For any applications and/or queries, please contact Sklarlight [at] gmail [dot] com. (Anti-spam measures. Please replace [at] with an @ symbol, and a [dot] with a period symbol.

Hi, I’m interested in your project, my only experience is a small project/game developed in c++

I enjoy co-op horror games, especially with creepy dolls and desire to dev my own someday. Wish I could help on this one, but,I only specialize in blueprints. The trailer looks good. Good Luck.