C++/Blueprints/UE4 and C#/Unity Programmer

Hi, I’m Edwin and I’m a C#/Unity, as well as C++/Blueprints/UE4 programmer from Western Europe. I’m 28 years old, I studied computer science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

My gamedev experience:

  1. I’ve worked on a MOBA type game on Unity (using the new Unity networking) as lead developer. It involved writing the client/server on Unity, PlayFab integration, and a C# socket server for lobby chat, matchmaking and launching server instances. I also wrote a game launcher similar to Steam for updates deployment.
  2. I’ve worked on a UE4 based MMO project as a co-developer. This involved pretty much the same thing (but instead of PlayFab, we used our own php based login system coupled with Steam API), a C# master server for launching solo-instances and party management, as well as a C# socket server for chat.
  3. I also have solid experience with Steamworks and Steam API, i.e. game deployment, integrated steam authorization, separate packages with different in-game bonuses, updating the game servers through console/.bat, PTR-branches, etc.

4) Version Control (Git + SourceTree, GitLab), light Maya experience (modeling, rigging, skinning, animation).

Right now I’m interested in projects of a smaller scale. It means that I’d prefer working on a TCG/RTS/Quest/Puzzle game, for instance, rather than on a full scale MMO.
I’m also a big fan of classic RPGs such as Fallout 1, BG2, VTMB, etc, so even though the scale of such projects is big, I’m prepared to consider them.

I’m only interested in the position of lead developer. I work for monetary compensation. I can consider equity + payment or even equity-only, however it’s only likely to happen if I’m very interested in your project and I can see that you have solid gameplay design, as well as great quality assets.

Only serious offers, please.

Skype: od.nua