[C++/Blueprints] Programmer /w Heavy Multiplayer / Replication Experience.

Hello, My name is Matthew and I’m looking for a paid/contract job either full time or part time.

23 years Old from Australia. I have been programming since 2010. I have switched to using Unreal Engine 4 years ago and have been making games with it since.

**Past Work:

SMALLAND ( ~6 Months )
Role: Lead Developer
Role Details: Leading a team of 5 programmers, 5 artists and 2 designers. Assisting with Programming, Netcode, Code Review.**
Multiplayer Open World Survival Game.

**Our Ghosts Of War ( ~3 Months )
Role: Programming Lead / Consultant
Role Details: Refactoring game for release **
Multiplayer World War 2 Team vs Team game.

The Isle ( 2 Years )
**Role: **Programming Lead / Systems Administrator / Manager
Multiplayer Open World Survival Game with Dinosaurs / Humans etc

Breaking Point ( 5 Years )
Role: Founder / Lead Programmer

Multiplayer Survival Mod for Arma 2 / Arma 3
Workshop Page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile…/?id=426629791
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BreakingPoint_Mod
Source Code: GitHub - deathlyrage/breakingpointmod: Breaking Point Mod ( Core Client / Server Code + Assets )</

Experienced In:

  • C++ / Blueprinting
  • Replication / Replication Channels and Changelists.
  • Adding Modding / Dev Kit Support / Auto downloading / updating mods.
  • Optimising Existing Code
  • Seralization / Custom Seralization code.
  • Custom Engine Changes / Fixes / Backporting new fixes to older engine versions
  • Automated Testing with Blueprint + C++
  • Steam Intergration
  • Porting to other platforms (Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Jenkins and Continuous Integration with builds automatically uploading to steam.
  • Server Deployment / System Administration.
  • Low Level networking experience, custom network replication channels and packets.
  • Anti Cheat Integration (BattlEye etc)
  • Cross Platform Development
  • VR (Google Daydream, Gear VR etc)
    And more!

Discord: **Deathlyrage#7410
Skype: Deathlyrage
Private Msg: PM me via Unreal Engine Forums

31st May 2018: I have some time for some additional work. Feel free to message me on Skype or Discord. Above forum post has been updated with additional details and experience.

Hello Death, I sent you a contact request on Skype.

Shot you an invite on Discord. :slight_smile: