C++/Blueprints Developer needed for arcade Karting game

I’m looking for someone to help me create the framework for an arcade karting game. I’m creating the art assets but I need to hire someone to take care of getting the guts of the game created.

I’ve struggled a lot to get the physics to feel right, starting from the example projects it just feels floaty.


  • Arcade racing physics

  • Vehicles don’t go into a forward roll after going over a jump etc…

  • Vehicle rides evenly

  • Opponent A.I. that can;

  • follow a track

  • complete laps

  • use in-game weapons.

  • Weapon and item pick-ups

  • A small collection of easily modifiable weapons

  • Random weapon assigned at pick-up weighted by players position

  • Item box respawning

  • Some other unique driving mechanics I want to prototype.

  • Already implemented, needs a lot of refinement.

Please message me if you’re interested with some relevant examples of your previous work.

Many thanks!

I have some code for arcade racer game of very good quality I could negotiate to you depending on your budget.
PM me if you’re interested