C++ / Blueprint Programmer

Hello everyone,

I have been programming small things here and there in Unreal Engine for about a year and a half now. My time at college is almost up and I’ll be receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in May of 2017, so I thought I’d try my luck on these forums again to find a team that is cohesive and serious about making a product.

I have some code that I’ve written so that you can see what I’ve done:

It’s just a little twin stick shooter game I was working on. The AI is simple and so is the game play, but I can do much more than this. My specialty is game play programming, but I’m versatile when it comes to tasks.

Overall, I’m looking for a fun team that is dedicated and cohesive that will make a product that I can use to boost my portfolio. I’m not necessarily looking for money, but I wouldn’t say no to a paid position.

PM me or email me at and I will provide you with my resume if you are interested.

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I sent you a PM back, sorry for the delay.

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