C++ & Blueprint programmer looking for work

hi guys my names enigma. i am currently in my second year of game development college where I am learning c++ and 3d modelling . I know c# as i originally came from unity engine which i had about 3 years experience in but then when unreal became free i switched and began learning the engine and l now know both c++ and blueprints. I have about 9 ++ months experience

I am looking to join teams and work on projects so that i can build up a decent portfolio in order to get more work in the future. So will work for FREE

All I ask is that my name be on the game credits and that after I have helped you that you post in this thread to say that you were happy with my service and would recommend me . And I can display the game as part of my portfolio to show what I have been working on

So if anyone needs a programmer then let me know thanks .

can contact me here
or skype - enigmalabs
or email

CURRENT STATUS - unavailable 1/9/2016
I have been hired to work on a project .

( will update this thread when available again )

Or feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you in the future .

Previous projects - coming soon

I can vouch that he knows his stuff. I would recommend.

Thank you hotdog was nice working with you . Good luck with the rest of you’re game .

For anyone interested his forum post with beta test can be found here . Check it out its a fun little addictive game :-p

Project: Avalanche - NEW BETA! (With download link :D) Lava madness! - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums!

Enigmaa - worked with me and my team on the game War For Orion from December 2015 to August 2016. He worked really hard and was good fun to work with! He helped establish Steam integration for our game project and set up our character’s animation blendspaces and blueprints and added shooting functionality for the third person character and dynamic crosshairs. He did a great job! Thanks for your hard work on War For Orion Tony, and best of luck with your future game projects. :slight_smile: