C++/Blueprint Override Function Error when Compiling.

Hello, I have a function that should be overriding in a blueprint file that I declared in a cpp .h file. Every time I click compile on the blueprint it gives me the error


I keep looking online and have asked some discord channels with no answers. Is there something obvious I am doing wrong?

this is the header file the function is the calculateNoise();
and this is the blueprint file

The UFunction macro is making the calculateNoise_Implementation(); declaration so you need to delete that line

In the cpp file you will only have calculateNoise_Implementation()


    TArray<int32> calculateNoise();


TArray<int32> AExample::calculateNoise_Implementation()
    TArray<int32> intArray;
    return intArray;

I figured it out I just had to click the override button on the left side on the blueprint if you hover over functions I had just created a function with the same name and its not the same thing