C++/Blueprint, Maya Developer


For the last three years I’ve been doing Game development, before that my career was that of an electronic engineer doing mostly C/C++ embedded development.

When I started with game development I started with Unreal engine, mostly due to the low cost. While learning UE4 I developed a small project called Annihilation Ten4 ( can be downloaded at: ).
All the little robots meshes and animations where done by me, I used TreeIt for the foliage. I tried to do most the code using Blueprints but there is still lots of things blueprints can’t do so there is some C++ code in the project.

This landed me a paid position with an indie company in Canada Stompy Bot doing C++/Blueprint development on Heavy Gear Assault. Sadly they ran out of funding.

I live in South Africa this is a big advantage due to the exchange rate, I can work for much less than most developers. Working form home not having to commute is a big savings.

Sorry I don’t have a pretty portfolio to direct you to, my C.V. is that of an electronic engineer which won’t mean much to you, the best I can offer go download my little game and go have a look at Heavy Gear Assault where I did a lot of the C++ coding and some blueprints.

I’ve only really developed using Unreal engine but I’m a quick study, When needed I’ll learn Unity quick or anything else for that matter.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hello I am looking for a programmer for our game, my skype is amgraham75