C++ Blueprint Functions

Is it possible to code blueprint functions using C++ and then use them in a TC? If so where do you put the C++ files so they will get compiled with the rest of the TC? Just hoping someone has tried to do this and figured out if this is possible.

As far as I remember, all C++ must be compiled - thusly it’s only available to the actual developers.

Total Conversion in the ADK isn’t an actual “Total Conversion” to let you get at the core code. It just tells the game that you are running the ability to change everything - so it ignores itself and relies on your mod to give it everything: a map, all player stuff, etc. etc. etc.

Its good to use when you wish to change Core Items - like dinos and spawns on the map, etc. but not be tied into the developer updates later.

This is what I’ve learned from it at least.

I don’t want to have access to the core code from the developers just the ability to write my own C++ blueprint functions to access things in the base Unreal Engine itself that aren’t available to blueprints. Basically I just want to write some functions in C++ and expose them to blueprints and use them in that fashion and only access core Unreal Engine features and nothing the devs have developed.

No clue if you can do that as a mod outside the compile ability of the core code. Never tried myself - I heard that you can create C++ Blueprint functions, but there’s nothing on whether it is for core access only. Since those posts are in the Unreal Engine Discussions, I’m assuming - core compile needed.

i was under the impression there is NO c++ access in the dev kit.

You got my vote to write the entire mod in C++ it would be a ton easier for me than in UE. 15 years with C++, 6 months with UE…you can do the math :wink: