C++ Blueprint conversion reference?

I may have missed it but is there or could we get a reference that shows similar functions between C++ and Blueprint. Basically it would be nice to see a reference to what related Blueprint functions would be in the C++ documentation, and what related C++ functions would be in the blueprint documentation.

Blueprints are not similar to C++ function… Blueprint functions ARE C++ functions (except some custom flow nodes) and C++ API reference already mark functions and variables available in blueprint with blue file icon

Engine automaticly generates nodes that are flaged

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category="Input")
virtual void DisableInput
    class APlayerController * PlayerController

Arguments become inputs (or else HidePin is used) return type becomes return value output, it takes name of a function and adds spaces automaticly (or else FriendlyName or DisplayName meta i used).

So yes you can use C++ API refrence as a Blueprint API reference already :slight_smile: I think they could add blueprint filter in API efrence so you can only see stuff available for blueprint and some specific icons from blueprint callbale, blueprint pure etc.

Thanks, that is what I was looking for, not sure how I missed it.

Coming in 4.2 (CL# 2044026 if you’re on latest/unstable) is an option in the right-click menu on nodes called “Goto Code Definition”, which you can also use to reinforce the mapping between how particular functions are declared and the nodes they’re created.

Michael Noland

Cheers! thanks noland. I have been waiting for this. Often times finding where some of the BP node declarations were hard to find.

Hi KRushin,

Right now you can copy the node and paste it into Notepad++ or another text editor and check the FunctionReference.

For example:


The first case is AActor::GetActorBounds, but since it’s a method in the Blueprint or a parent class of the Blueprint (bSelfContext=true), it doesn’t tell you the exact class.

The second case is UKismetMathLibrary::Add_FloatFloat, and it gives you more information since it’s a method on another class (a class named KismetMathLibrary in the Engine module; the missing U, A, or F on the front of the struct/class name is an unfortunate legacy we’re stuck with).

Michael Noland