C++/Blueprint Coder for FPS


Looking for a coder to help out with our current Unreal project which is at Alpha stage. This is paid work but for less experienced coders, we can look at some intern work alongside this. This is an Early Access release game that is almost finished. More info on the game is here:


  • Optimize code structures, fix gameplay bugs & performance improvements.
  • Add missing animations (ready) to the game & 2 Droid characters (ready).
  • Adjustments to Multiplayer Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch & FFA mode. Rebuild Formations mode (FPS with some RTS basic features).
  • Add extra maps to the current selection done. Some maps could need adjustments to be finalized in-game.
  • Steamworks re-integrated + Steam API add-on’s (rewards/achievements).
  • Add detailed Stats and database records on server to display Leaderboards of players scores across modes (eg kills, etc).

We are looking to keep this as simple as possible and build it up after EA release once a solid base is created. The use of C++ & Blueprints for various controls / flexibility to control gameplay mechanics is used (project base is C++).

PM your interest / examples.


Updated on the original post with new openings, check it out and PM me. Thanks

" This is paid work but for less experienced coders, we can look at some intern work alongside this"

less experience to keep the cost low?

It is an indie title, so need to keep costs low but will paid for experienced coders, and if more are interested but not as experienced then that would be an option. The game is getting quite big so will need to expand with more people after EA release anyway but still looking for at first call an experienced coder to jump in.

RE: Game Programmer

Hi. I am an experienced AI developer. I studied for my masters degree in Computer Graphics and AI development. I have worked on several indie projects
as well as for two fortune 500 companies and defense contractors. Please contact me ASAP, I would love to work on your project.