C++,Blueprint and Unreal Engine Compared to Unity,Etc.

When I started my journey I thought it was amazing that I could really create a video game. At first, I thought their was no way I’ll be able to accomplish this task. Then I thought wow I think I could actually do this one day, after realizing some stuff playing Uncharted 4. My goal is to come to the industry be recognized as a Triple-A game company by my work sing-handed,then start my studio with other dedicated employees. My journey was quite rough when UE4 started and their wasn’t meaning learning courses and if their was some you had to pay for it. My passion for gaming,wanting to do it like the professionals lead me to multiple up and downs eventually procuring what I would call a computer scientist and some-what expert in the field. C++ was something I wanted to accomplish because that to me was the most professional and is the most professional way down the road. And Unreal Engine being the best open engine in the market.

C++ is a robust,manageable, easy to use system within Unreal Engine 4. Although,coding maybe hard and getting started on your own is definitely not the greatest experience. It’s lead constantly down the road of failures and those failures in turns being huge success from learning software engineering,database,cloud,internet,multitude of concepts studying the in and out and even college to the point I felt I was comfortable to achieve my task in a timely,efficient and professional manner. I believe Blueprint is a great start for the younger crowd because they have plenty of time to learn things evolve and is coding is the thing take it to the next level with college or whatever your profession will be having some decent knowledge especially in game engine. Overall, coding provides,manageability,industry known,Engineering known, practices which could steady evolve and bring professionals in years to come. As becoming a Triple-A studio is my goal instances where something in the engine maybe broken,or a plug-in is no longer working or it’s not professional to depend on a plug-in that may become inoperable, ultimately I know I’m able to get down into the issues a fix things or try to maneuver with the proper set-up.

I used multiple engines such as ,Unity, and stingray, I probably gave a shot at Amazon Engine anyway I think the majority of my opinion is a professional stand. Documentation isn’t complete and a work in progress, it was a breeze to get through stingray and Unity documentation as a Computer Scientist to begin with. With that out the way everything in it is pretty good, the graphics is supposedly better then Unity, stingray is dead, C is a amazing code to handle and they try to provide support for users of the engine to accomplish their dream. Overall, I really don’t have any complaints besides documentation and would refer the engine to anyone would ask. Also Unity, U.I isn’t that exciting pretty boring to begin with isn’t it? Through the new learning material,grants to developers and cutting fees, Unreal is a very exciting place if you work-hand and is dedicated to build something Unreal!!

-Stingray was a excellent engine for the indie-dev community providing high powered tools such as maya and a live view from maya to stingray to run around and get a feel for your art. That alone made it an exceptional product to use it and if you’re indie gamer that’d be perfect. Because 3ds max is over 100 dollars and to use and concept and having a feel for your work is amazing. Ultimately, I’ll leave Stingray to only indie dev and nothing else serious because of the pipeline and powerful in house tools for indie or one person dev. environment to handle. Ultimately, how the engine was built was quite strange relaying on two languages I believe and all in all was a bad decision for maya. Similar to amazon game engine I believe like saying I built a engine with python… why…? Any way it was doomed to fail and eventually did vs. UE4. Still a better small time dev environment in my opinion for cost.

  • I hope this encourages people to do their best and try their best and opinions from a person that was in a position with 0 knowledge in computer science… I mean I knew how to boot in safe-mode. Remember the windows 7 security bug?

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