C++, blueprint and network programming

Hello everyone,
Im looking for affordable programmer. Im looking too for base backend platform setup like gamesparks or playfab…

My game is very simple (3rd P shooter) so there is not needed a lot or complicated programming.

I have almost fully working multiplayer game prototype and now i need to polish some features ingame.

What i need:

  • player connection setup (+backend player registration)
  • lobby map with UI (chat, characters setup etc…)
  • inviss system
  • projectiles setup (i tried many but im not satysfied with any so maybe there will be need c++ for this)
  • few ingame widgets

I estimate this work for few days only because i need only really basic stuff to do.

If someone is interested for this easy and short work, please contact me at with price quote (im from poor country so i dont have much money to pay).