C++ Based Inventory System

So at first i had actually done this for a counselling session but since that dident went as i expected i ended up releasing this instead!

In a nutshell its a simple inventory system done fully in C++ Except for the UI side that is done using UMG … Do have in mind that the project s only compatible with **UE4 4.6

Example Video

New items are added by just creating a new blueprint which parent class is AInventoryActor, simply fill in the struct properties on the blueprint, assign its actor and you are ready to go!

Feel free to ask anything related to the inventory , its functionality or just give some feedback :slight_smile:

Download Link

Create a new folder inside your unreal projects folder, Drag n Drop all the contents inside and open it using the unreal launcher

perfect, just perfect. just the kind of thing I want (I greatly prefer C++ over blueprints for foundational work), and I trust your coding skills

looks much better than my super early 30 min try, so eventually I’ll use it for sure.
for now just a few questions if you have time,

  1. what happens with the actor item when you pick it up? (destroyed or just hidden, or something else?)
  2. do you pick up items by simply walking into them? or by getting near them and pressing a button? or by getting near them, aiming at them, and pressing a button?
  3. is it multiplayer-friendly?
  4. do you have future plans for it?

anyway thanks for sharing this great resource

have a look at my inventory system as well its in c++ and blueprint :slight_smile:

ok alvaro I see yours looks very much like the UMG Inventory from the docs, so that clears up some of my questions

: yours looks interesting as well but seems more suited for a classical RPG or MMORPG, while alvaro’s seems more suited for an action game (as I need), and so far seems to cover a wider range of features (even if not as advanced). but I’ll keep an eye on yours just in case

Hey Chosker

When item is picked up the struct within said actor is added to the inventory and the item is destroyed

Items are picked up by walking into them AND pressing the interaction key ( by default its E )

Its not multiplayer friendly since i dident test it on multiplayer / wrote the replication code

And i dont really have any future plans for it …

About the UI, yeah i based the UI off the epic video since thats what my client had requested… the core itself is far more different though

As a extra that i couldnt properly highlight in the video i added a c++ event that can be overriden in the item blueprint (Item Used ) when you use the item trough the UI said event is called and you can do pretty much anything from there on