C-axis overhead game project.

Hi all,

I’m going through my masters degree and opted for my project to be a game. So far I’ve got a bunch of the mechanics down working out weapons and ai and movement etc. However, one of my immediate projects was to create some promo art to show it off. You can see the result in the images.

The black and white is a notan sketch I did to conceive of the idea for the start screen and then the upgrade of concept to figure out general colour and elements. The final result you see from Unreal includes all the bells and whistles. Flares, glows, moving mist, rainfall, depth of field, and so on. It’s the first major element of art for the project as most of it at this point has been blueprints and general concept and trial and error attempts getting some things working just right to make the movement and action feel right. Also… documents… story and all that. So much work before getting to here. I wanted to be sure I had as clear a vision as I could before going further :slight_smile:

I’ll try to continue to update this space as I make new art over the coming months and hopefully have a workable demo level after a while.

cheers everyone :slight_smile: