C++ Assync only session with PHP (alive / dead)

I wonder if there are ways to sync with the C ++ PHP (session alive / dead), such as when you try to enter again,
the oldest session is automatically disconnected.

Could put the C ++ code associated with PHP?

Thank you.

I waiting to 2016/2036 This post is c ++ programming? Whenever I do an inquiry, no one answers, I do not ask anything quantum.

Can you elaborate a little more on what you want to do, I am not quite sure I understand, also can you provide more information on your backend infrastructure?

Any why do you want to do this, opposed to starting a new session with the client?

Good again,
I’d like a complex system of users, like any online game today.

With its connections to the database, so your timing as all information.

I’m looking for a guide to do with Unreal Engine 4 (blueprints and c ++) but there is little information about it, so I want to do it manually.

Someone can give me a complex guide?

I put a image about the system.

I posted my system.

Yes it is possible but its not easy. I have this setup already. You need to setup the database then create the php scripts to handle the logic. Then you have to install mysql dll library into unreal engine. Then either hard code the json query structures with c++ or install the ufnas VaRest plugin to extract and manipulate the data via the php scripts and blueprints. If you dont wanna do all that yourself you can purchase code spartans mmo kit which has a database connection and va rest already set up but you will still need to change php scripts if you wanna customize anything