C# as scripting language

Hello there,

I am an experienced C# developer and I was using Unity. The fact that Unity scripting language was C# I found myself creating games in 1 Week.

Learning C++ (again) will cost me a lot of time, that is why I am using BluePrints. But it is also taking a lot of time what I can do with the code with 2 lines of code.

So is Epic planning to release a C# support or do I have to keep using BluePrints ?

Theres a plugin that implements it with Mono I think, but its limited.

AFAIK - C# and C++ aren’t super different. What will you take you time is learning Unreal’s API and everything else related to it, not so much the language itself (especially if you’ve used and learned it before).

Well, EPIC themselves will not, but a very talented programmer @Nate has sent a complete implementation of C# (Mono) to Xamarin in the hopes that they will host an official fork of Unreal with C# integrated into it. It was sent in just a few days ago, so we are waiting to hear from Xamarin as to their decision.

Here is the thread

i would say c# and c++ are SUPER DIFFERENT. generics, LINQ, dynamic lists, etc. i tried to convert one of my unity projects into c++, and came across a lot of differences. to be honest, c++ seems like more work.

seems like i need a c++ book.

C++ is more work yes. Also depending what’s your project like in Unity you need to realize that Unity uses component based design alonn with the C# so even if UE would have support the project would not be structured the same at all.

Make it happen please

the biggest problem of game developing community is, tutorials. i seriously cant find a tutorial which explains a real life situation. i dont know what to do, i dont know what to learn.

so i have this unity project, which is built completely in c# and ofcourse structured in c# ways. (interfaces, abstract classes, overriding default functions - i.e. equals from ICloneable interface). so how am i supposed to approach this in c++ way or UE way ?

or just a tutorial how to implement ideas PROFESSIONALLY in UE would be perfect. I have no idea for example how to implement generic, flexible, efficient player stat system. what i mean by that is to have attack speed, move speed, health, mana and other variables and also buffs - debuffs over time, permanent. in c# i have managed to do it in my own way but im sure there is a better way to implement this system. The community lacks these important tutorials and they all focus on doing an FPS game in 1 week with really bad coding / blue printing.

is there any book or video or anything that can help me understand how game programming works, how the implementation of game ideas work?

Since you are looking for a more well done tutorial than the “shooter in a week type” here is a long an indepth tutorial series:

Here is another tutorial if you need help stepping into the setting:

Sure, you can do it in C++, but then you have to wait 10 min to compile every **** change you make. Also, interfaces and inheritance don’t really work well in UE4.

C# won’t happen in Unreal 4 , the coding is C++ like available engine source.
You must deal with it or move back to Unity.

Shamless plug:

No way finished. (mostly missing multiplayer cosmetic stuff), and I have some uncommited stuff locally, which I should probabaly push this week. After commiting what I have changed, API will be mostly finised… Thoug it still can change with compatibility breaks. As I try to unify as much as things possible.

Note that this project will ONLY work against promoted branch from github. And that’s not guaranteed.

that project looks promising, but a little bit documentation would be amazing. still thanks for the resource. i sure will dig in.

Agreed with you here…mostly. There are tons of YOUTUBE and WIKI tutorials on a variety of topics… But, some our old and some topics are not covered.


For those looking for and in deapth course in C++ based UE4 development: