C:\App data / derived cache folder getting huge. Fix?

I run Windows 10 off a 60gb SSD, then I have normal programs on a 120gb SSD, and finally games I play are on a separate 120gb SSD. Then I have a normal 400gb HDD for all my development projects.

I notice that my C: drive is getting low on space so I looked into it and noticed the derived cache folder is getting really huge. Any possible way to move that folder elsewhere without windows creating a new one in the C: drive?


*Shader Cache

The engine caches shaders to C:\ no matter where you install. This folder can quickly become 10 GB or more on big projects. To make it write to your project folder instead add following lines to your default engine ini. Shader cache should not be submitted to source control.

Boot=(Type=Boot, Filename=”%GAMEDIR%DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc”, MaxCacheSize=512)
Local=(Type=FileSystem, ReadOnly=false, Clean=false, Flush=false, PurgeTransient=true, DeleteUnused=true, UnusedFileAge=34, FoldersToClean=-1, Path=”%GAMEDIR%DerivedDataCache”) *

i use symlinks for the data cashe

As above, use symbolic links to shift what you need from C drive to other drives:

trying to use the symlink but it just keeps saying cannot create a file when that file already exists. So i just deleted my DDC folder.