C++ API to Provide Own Native Direct3D and OpenGL textures

Can we add an API to allow us to provide our own native textures for use by Unreal? There are many good reasons for not having Unreal manage the texture, especially when video and other types of high speed updates are involved. There is demand for this by others as well (here and here). I’ve been trying to add my own classes but have been unsuccessful thus far. Either an interface or maybe some tips on where to make changes and I can submit patches would be very helpful.


I’ve made changes to the engine to support passing in a D3D texture and can be trivially made to extend this to OpenGL.

How can I try to contribute this change back to the engine so others can use it as well? I would really like to share this with everyone who needs it as well as reduce the need to maintain this separately. My changes are on a local 4.6 branch that is fully up-to-date. There are some small things that others can help with once I know who to contact both for getting in the engine as well as defining whatever coding standards are required.

I’ve created a pull request from my branch and welcome comments or improvements (eg: OpenGL support or fixing compiling on non-OpenGL/Direct3D platforms):

Review of the pull request and helping me make changes till accepted would be really welcome.

Pull request rejected without any comment. Can someone please reach out to let me know why or what changes can be made to make it more acceptable? This is my first attempt at a pull request for UE.

Update: pull request re-opened.