C++ and Blueprint Programmer

My name is Craig Delancy and I am a freelance programmer with almost a decade of experience using Unreal Engine (UE3, UDK, and UE4).
I have a wide set of experience, but if I had to pick an area of expertise I would choose simulated physics. Most of the work I get contracted to do is under NDA, but I try to keep a portfolio of my personal projects on my YouTube channel.…oFgRWs6KvuY9qA
I also do a lot of work with VR solutions, and I have created pipelines for rendering stereoscopic panorama videos from UE4. I do archvis projects for the company IVRNation. I also make content for the marketplace.

Currently I am only open to remote work.

If you have any offers or questions, please email me at [EMAIL=“”]
I am always eager for new work and challenges.

If you have any need for high resolution, panoramic, or stereoscopic rendering services, such as for interactive VR trailers, be sure to visit

I am once again looking for work. Let me know if you have a need for a programmer. I am currently looking for one-off jobs as well as longer hourly wage type positions.

Do you have experience with networking or AWS?

I have some experience with UE4 multiplayer networking, but none with AWS.

Looking for work again. Let me know if you have any projects you need help with. I’ve also started branching out into mesh retopologization and material programming if you need those services.