C++ and Blueprint Programmer Looking For Work

As the title of this says, I am a blueprint / C++ programmer in unreal engine. I am looking for a position as a programming intern or on a hobbyist project. I will be graduating in Spring of 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
Things I’ve done in Unreal / other games:

  • Network programming
  • UI programming
  • Gameplay programming
  • Dialogue

I am willing to learn how to do anything and I have the most experience with FPS and Third Person games. I have done a little bit of AI work. Not enough to be proficient in it, though.

Things to consider:

  1. I go to college. I can’t sink more than 20 hours a week into something.
  2. If I do not answer your message, I was not interested in your project. I will try to respond to everyone though.
  3. I have classes so I can’t answer you immediately. Some people on this forum have been very pushy, and I ended up blocking them.
  4. My graphics card is not that good. If your project is very graphically intensive, I may not be able to run it.

I have written a lot of C++ code for a little “game” that I’ve been making in Unreal Engine. If you want to see it to vet my programming credentials, feel free to message me and I’ll show you the code.

I am working on one project right now, but I can probably take on one more thing. I prefer to write in C++ over blueprints, but if I have to do blueprints, I will. Private message me for my résumé.

A quick addendum : I’m looking more specifically for actual projects and not one-off types of jobs.

Hello! I’m starting new game project and I’m looking for active programmer. Currently my team consists of 6 people. More informations about project on priv. If you are interested to work in our team, contact with us, please.
Skype: filip12995
E-mail: DjPhill12345@gmail.com

DjFj, can you describe the game to me a little?

Also, bump.


I am looking for someone that can help create small plugins for my Action RPG titled Amaranthine Story. The game is inspired by Final Fantasy Verses XIII and Kingdom Hearts 2 and has a story that I’ve been working on for years. I am almost finished with a tech demo that will be used for a reveal as well as crowd funding. This can turn into a major project and I’d love to have some help!

Email: astralarcstudios@gmail.com

Hey there im Complex92 :eek: and have sent you a private message. Tell me what you think and if you would like to work with even more please. My opinion on a bigger team is sorta in the message already, i think 2 dedicated programmers who know how to set goals can reach them all within the timeplan/timeframe. But if we like a third opinion and decicion maker, another head - then we would look for 2 more for example :wink: tell me.

Best regards