C++ and Blueprint Programmer Available

Hello. My name is Craig Delancy and I am a contract programmer that routinely works in blueprint and c++. I have been using UE4 since it went public several years ago and have years of UDK esperience before that. I have a HTC Vive and do VR work in video games, industrial simulation, and architectural visualization. My specialties are kinematics and player mechanics. I also have experience in networking and custom rendering methods.

I keep snippets of personal work, or work that does not fall under NDAs in you YouTube channel.

My LinkedIn profile is available here.

My résumé is available upon request.

If you think I would be suitable for your position, please send an email to

Thank you.

I have an unreal engine 4 project that needs to have implemented following functionalities:

FPS character (supported switch mode to TPP view)
2 types of simple AI for shooting game (first is a defensive enemy which only patrols a certain area and engages player on hearing or seeing… second type requires the AI to aggressively charge and attack player from predefined start points)
Ammo collectables
game play just to give more specific description, is like that of Call of duty type shooting game, only guns against other AI controlled humanoid enemies (no zombies and no multiplayer)
Main Menu + in game pause menu + GUI

basically, for a game involving 2 types of level (Ambush + Stand and defend)
in ambush level, player has to attack enemy camp whereas in the other level, player has to defend against waves of enemy attacks.

Note: All this to be done in C++