C++11 features in UE4


I see the explicit override keyword has been redefined with guards for compatibility so I wanted to check if there would be problems for using other c++11 features such as auto, lambdas, smart pointers, range based for etc? They all work fine building win64 with VS2013, but will they still be supported under other version/platforms?

I’ve seen auto being used. Lamda expressions are fine. I would the smart pointer templates provided by Unreal.

In terms of being platform compatible, it will depend on clang.

Check this page:

It explains rather detailed what you can use and what you shouldn’t use…

Ah, that link is perfect thanks!

no problem! Documentation and API are awesome. And being able to see the whole source is fantastic.
Now there’s just one difficulty remaining: It’s so much content & code :smiley:
It will take a long time to get a decent overview…

Awesome, Thanks for this!

Thanks for the link.

I still have another question regarding C++11: Is the ‘nullptr’ keyword supported?

Last time I used it, it worked.

Yes, nullptr is supported.