Bypassing nodes

I am fairly new to UE4, but I have some node base scripting background (VOPs in SideFX Houdini)
I noticed there is no direct way to bypass a node in Material editor or Blueprints.
Sometimes I simply need to turn a node off and on to see the effect instead of rewiring my network or adding a switch.
In Houdini each node has a yellow flag to deactivate that node. I wish we could have it in UE4 as well.
It will be a great thing to add in the next update.

Yeah, this is a great feature in any node based environment. Both Houdini and Nuke have this functionality, ie to bypass/disable current node and it comes very handy when testing things out or debugging a network. I suppose, though, that it could be a little tricky to do with execution pins and branches.

EDIT: Hey bigquix your post motivated me to propose some other houdini network editor features I’d like to see in the blueprint editor( I have also included your proposal of node bypassing with a link to this thread. Hope you don’t mind.

All the best!

Hello everyone, Any chance this can please be implemented into Unreal? Its silly to not be in the workflow. Having to unpin and repin to debug or try different setups is a waste of time.