By the time my UE3 game is finished, I will have missed UE4 entirely will pick up again with UE5.

Sure takes a long time to make a proper story-driven RPG with a one-man development team. I started working on my current project back in UDK before UE4 was widely available. And I’m still working on it as Epic shows off UE5. By the time I’m done with my game, I will have missed the entire UE4 generation and I’ll just update my skills with UE5. Or if my history of meeting milestones is any indicator, I’ll see you all again when UE6 gets announced.

Imagine… UE5 may bring back Unreal-Script, or something like it. :cool:
Hopefully you got to pack in your day job too like Cold$cooter did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I believe (have no evidence tho) Epic is working on Unreal Script since the VM was modified for Blueprints, but it’s still there.
Hopefully we know something about it when UE5 comes out… or not lol

@EntrpriseCustomr yeah, I quit my job and moved to a place where there’s much lower cost of living. I don’t have sales like Coldscooter though. I’m guessing he has to have over a million in revenue now. One of these days I’ll surpass him though. :slight_smile:

That would be really funny if they brought back UnrealScript. I’d be able to pick up where I left off like nothing ever happened. Still though, I think if I have the option of doing something in C++ I should try to do it in C++ because it’s so much faster. Still, the one really nice thing about UnrealScript is compile times. I would much rather spend 10 seconds building UnrealScript than 30 minutes compiling C++.

I really doubt that. They will bring in a new scripting language, but definitely not unrealscript. This is also why (most likely) they bought the creators of Skookum.
And of course the VM is there, since it was unrealscript and Kismet that were running in this VM. So, naturally they wanted to reuse that one for blueprints.

And just imagine a scripting language you can edit with syntax highlighting and autocomplete inside the editor, hit compile and 2 seconds later you test your script…I love blueprints, but creating simple logic flows is just so complicated in a visual editor…

Not only imagine but I have a working prototype as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
But “language”, I didn’t really design any language specifications yet, still trying things out.

The scripts generate function graphs, recompiling all dependant blueprints, in around 48 milliseconds… Much better than 2 seconds :wink: