Buying Unreal Engine 4

i have been posting this every where please some one give me a good answer xD

i live in syria and i want to use ue4 Legally not pirated , some how this is too much to ask … can some in another country make the payment for me … like can you make the payment on the account and download from another country ? ?

There should be ways to get the payment through, but as for downloading, the Launcher which downloads the editor has to be run on the machine that is going to run it, you can’t download a file from one machine and install on another. You could download the source after purchasing and then download the source files and build that on your other computer, you still need an internet connection though.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking… You can’t make a payment via PayPal or Debit/Credit card? But theoretically as long as I know, it doesn’t matter where the purchase is made, you just need an account with subscription.

About pirated version of UE4, I think they can’t use swamp.

Good luck tho, it’s nice to know even with the crisis in Syria there’s people who want to dev.

Hi ghaith1o1,

If payment is your problem then no worries at all. I can give you a promo code that gives you free one month subscription of UE4. But as darthviper said, you will have to download it yourself though. Whenever you are ready, just send me a PM. :slight_smile:

Syria may be under some import/export controls due to their human rights violations, You may want to check with epic legal if there is any constraints

I think his problem is he can use neither PayPal nor Credit Cards in Syria because of US sanctions. Ryanjon2040, thumbs up for your offer :slight_smile:

We realize that many international developers can make ordinary Paypal payments, but aren’t able to subscribe to UE4 because we only support recurring payments. We are working on an approach that will better accommodate this situation, and should have details available in a few weeks. In the meantime, ryanjon2040 can help!

If you run out of the subscription from ryanjon and epic hasn’t found a way for you to pay, pm me and I can give you one too.

And anyone in a similar situation send me a message. :slight_smile: