Buying my own marketplace package for free?

My marketplace package is releasing in 2 weeks, and I am wondering if there is any way for me to download it for free from the marketplace in order to see exactly in what form it comes in, and exactly how it is implemented. I’d rather not pay for it, as that would cost me $9+ (Epic fees). Is there something like this in-place? If not, a suggestion is for us to be able to give away redemption codes for our packages. Have a nice day!

This is something that should be between you and Epic as a marketing concern. As asked I have no idea

I’m able to download mine for free. So, that should answer that. It just lets you download it and shows as you “own” the package. It’s the same as with the Unity market, you can just download your own packages right on the packages display page. Pretty sure you’re in the clear here.

In that case, that will work out just fine, thanks!

Jamendxman3, are you a 3D artist? If so, would you consider making me some levels and assets? Even using PolyPixel ( tools look like it would produce the look/feel I’m looking for. Please send me a PM if you’re interested.

You should be granted ownership of all of your products. I have been when mine have gone live. You may need to request it though. =)

I’m actually a programmer (Though I will be taking art, 3d modeling, Marketing, game design, and several other courses of the next few years), thanks for the offer though!

Alright, good to know!