Buying from the market place & Feedback for Epic

Kia ora

Yes I’m angry and feeling ripped off. Product with no manuals, and yes you Epic take what 5% of the free money.
Bull S***** not happy.
these should have a warning so people don’t waste money on stuff they have no idea how to use.

I thought this was a place to buy so you could learn from others, did tell me I needed a ticket in reverse
engineering and prior knowledge of how UE4 works to figure this stuff out.

Don’t get me wrong the products are no dout awesome, BUT totally B***** useless to those of us who are learning
Great resource’s if only we knew enough to get to use them.

As per the title I brought LandscapeMaterialPack of the marketplace

My biggest beef with this stuff is there is most times NO I mean NO not a scrape
of documentation with this stuff.

It has:
Two mesh’s that I guess are for the showcase
and a bucket load of textures,
if you drop that Master mat onto your landscape your looking at a nice pic of your desktop
if you drop that Master_DISP mat onto your landscape your looking at a nice pic of your desktop

No clue how I’m spose to use let alone use the resource


I assue the the 48 is for that version of UE4, a guess nothing to say thats a fact, just assue people will know right
Anyway great I figure this is cool I don’t have to have butch looking Female running like the wet themselves, great
to have realistic Female movements hang on, no blueprints

Off to find a tutorial and find a great indepth (tho he’s a tad fast for me, bit harder to follow, but I got a pause button)

but it’s pre 4.8. Cant be that different. I’ll try it and was getting my way through this thing till hey no Blend_space but ok we’er
learning to make one using the Hero_Skeley. Oops this tut does not have how to load the animations that come with into a blend
space so she’ll have no animation and as a total green horn to this I’m no gonna figure this out so sadly the tutorial is not gonna
help. NOT the fault of the tutorial BTW.

The person selling this should have made one to help buyers get this working in game.

On th flip side I brought the water planes and it had a great video not only did it explain how to use it
it explained how to tweek it and what stuff did Kudos to a great priced product that had help to the new user
so they can get to use it.

Bottom-line Epic
you should not really be allowing folk to sell stuff without manuals or tutorials at all.
If you want new folk to use them then documentation is a must, people bay real money for these products
and most that buy them are NOT rocket scientist or programmers

Jus my 2 Bob’s worth

Hi Kiwi-Hawk,

You are looking at Zak’s old series. Try Wes’ one that came out recently, for v4.8+.

Good luck!

Sorry you had a bad experience with a product.

It is a requirement of the Content creator to keep support and to provide it to customers that purchase their products. If you have issues with a particular product you should seek help from its creator, if they do not provide you with any assistance you can contact Epic directly and report the content and they will investigate it.

Good luck on your future learning.

Hey Kiwi-hawk,

Sorry to hear about the bad experience! There are now stricter guidelines for Marketplace submissions but I don’t believe there is a requirement for Documentation. There are several reasons for this. Often it’s not useful to most people (unless the package is really complex), or it takes a lot of time to generate and make it coherent. Most of the content creators want to get their stuff on marketplace ASAP before somebody beats them to the punch, so documentation is an after-thought. There is also the issue of Localization (what if the creator doesn’t speak or write in English, or Spanish etc).

That said, most of the time you would be expected to know what you’re doing with the content you buy. In most cases you’ll learn things far quicker by reverse engineering them than reading a manual (anybody over the age of 50 will tell you that!)

While Epic does encourage Content Creators to support those who buy the content, they aren’t under any obligation to explain to folks how everything works (AFAIK). A lot of it is designed purely for Plug-and-play usually, perhaps with the exception of Blueprint content.