Buying for mobile in marketplace

I know that the support platform is on each product that you buy. But does that mean that that marketplace product that doesn’t have mobile support will not work at all? Like if I buy props that don’t have mobile, does that mean importing it into a mobile project will make everything not work anymore? Any guidance on how everything works when buying assets for mobile is appreciated!

The icons for the market place products are a guide as to what is supported.

For instance, if a product is only static meshes, there’s a good chance it will work on mac in another engine version, even if it doesn’t say it.

Mobile, however, is another ball game. A lot of functionality gets dropped by the engine for mobile and there are plenty of other limitations too ( high poly for example ).

If the package is fairly generic and ‘light’ looking, there’s a chance it will also run on mobile, but the best thing is to contact the vendor.