Buying Content From the Marketplace?

this may not be the place to ask but if I purchase content from the marketplace and use it to develop my game, do I owe anything to the creator of my purchased content if I market my game and make a profit off of it? Do I have to give credit or owe them a percentage of the profits or is it mine to do what I please with it after I purchase it initially?

Hey there!

You do not owe royalties to the creators of any content purchased from the UE4 marketplace. =)


Hey, while we’re on the subject, what about credits? are we allowed to credit content creators, if so how does that work?

You can credit content creators however you want to … but by buying it from the marketplace they have agreed to provide you a royalty free commercial license for their content without the need of having to credit them.

Credit them if you want to but you are under no obligation and if you do, you can credit them however you want. Your best bet would be to contact them and ask them how they would like to be credited.

Please note this is for marketplace content only, some of the FREE content on the forums have different license restrictions and you may need to contact the author if you are unsure.

I can’t imagine anyone would mind you giving them credit, we for one try to plug games on our social media that use our content when we are made aware of them or are credited

I think that giving credit is a very awesome way to say thank you. :slight_smile:

As has been mentioned above, credit isn’t required but you should contact the creator beforehand in order to ask how they’d like to be credited. (i.e. name, alias, etc.)