Buying assets/ dev support platform

before i go and spend hundreds of dollars on assets in the library i am curious when you click on a asset that you which to purchase, it says underneath the product description it talks about development suggested platform, i.e. windows, mac, etc… etc… does that mean i can only use those purchase assets on pc, or will they be able to work on xbox etc… etc…

thanks brother very helpful

What it means is ‘supported platforms’. So if you only see windows, it means the writer is only prepared to support it on that platform.

If it’s a pretty standard asset, meshes and straightforward materials, it will most probably work on most other platforms, eg mac.

Two things to watch out for

  1. Very specialised shaders ( materials ) or purposes. That may well not work on other platforms.

  2. You wouldn’t just be able to swipe a load of windows assets and expect them to run on android or PS, for instance, without a fair amount of understanding and intervention from yourself.