buying a new pc, what are your thoughts

hey guys what up,
it’s about time i buy a new pc, and im having some difficulty deciding exactly what i should buy.
naturally this pc has to support the unreal engine and some pretty high end games. also i would like it to last quite a few years.
this is what i have so far:
CPU: i7 4770 3.4 Ghz 8MB
RAM: G.Skill 2x4GB DDR3 1600Mhz Ares Dual Channel CL9-9-9
G.Card: Geforce GTX750Ti 2GB

now im not going to talk to you about pricing because in my country the price is a bit higher but lets say that
the G.Card is 21% of the price
the CPU is 38%
and RAM is 10%

should i consider downgrading the cpu a bit (something like i5 4440 according to the perforemence is about the same)
for a better G.Card?

yes/no why, if yes what G.Card do you recommend and other general recommendations

Thanks in advance for making the effort :slight_smile:

i would try going for 4gb vram card and it has to be nvidia, yeh the cpu is a bit overkill i5 would work as good, maybe 16gb ram ??? but 8 gb is awesome as well, no probs for unreal. if it runs ue4 then games is no prob

I would also recommend you to buy 16 GB ram, because atm I just have 8 and it takes pretty long to build my light and it also laggs a little bit when I run more programs

If he can invest on CPU then why not? :slight_smile: It only extend life of spec, specially that CPU upgrade usually means replacement of most components practically making new PC. I think only reason why i can run UE4 on my 6 year old (or more i dont even remeber :p) never upgraded PC because i invested on better CPU back then

I’m of the same mind. If you can afford it now it’s always a good idea to upgrade to more than what you think you will need and it will be years before you feel the need for an upgrade.

In my opinion though on the development side of things ram memory and storage are the two things you should not scrimp on oh and invest in a real comfortable chair. :wink:

I concur. That extra 8GB can really speed things up.

Beyond that, I think you have a great build there. You might also consider working with two monitors (something which is on my wish list!).


Yeah, that’s pretty useful. I also use two monitors with my nvidia gtx 660 ti (a big + a small one). On the big one I always place the main engine window and on my 2nd one I place all the windows like the material editor, cascade, level bp,… → it saves me pretty much time, because when I have to do some small adjustments in my materials/particle systems/… I can easily jump over to the other windows) :slight_smile:

But of course it is not necessary. I also just got one, because one of my friends wanted to throw away his old screen… :stuck_out_tongue:

I too put my vote in for you to get the 16GB ram. If you have the funds get it done.

RAM will not improve speed, it only increases capability. In the case of UE4 when you build lighting it has to load the entire map into memory so it can render, that’s where you would run out of memory if you don’t have enough. Especially if you’re doing a big outdoor environment with lots of meshes and a big landscape.

The thing that would help a lot would be a better GPU, you don’t need something with 4GB of memory, but a GTX 760 would be nice.

For parts if your buying them piece by piece I would suggest (it is Easter and that just seemed funny to me lol). They have some nice stuff at a decent bargain.

That’s a weak GPU for such a strong CPU. You’re asking a lot from this machine, so I would look at the GTX 760 as the minimum, 2GB of VRAM is plenty for working on 1080P. 16GB of RAM would be a good investment too.

This is mostly true, but not completely. If you’re out of RAM and the OS starts using your hard drive and loading things into RAM as it can it will be much slower. In this case adding more RAM will result in an increase in speed.

Agreed. If you’re like me and run other programs in the background, like Photoshop or Maya, then the extra RAM is nice. Upgrading from 8GB to 16GB made a big different in lighting build times in UE3 for me as well, but I’m not sure how applicable that would be to UE4.

Time is money. Get 16GB ram, Samsung SSD, and 2 monitors. i5 is good enough. 760 would be more future-proof.

100% go with that :smiley: