Buying a new pc and have question about the processor requirement.

I’m buying a new pc with a amd a10-5745m apu processor, will this suffice? all other requirements are met except for it’s 2.1 GHz not the recommended 2.5 GHz, how much of an issue will this be?

I believe these are “soft” limits, the only hard limit being it has to have two cores and DirectX 9+ compatible graphics chipset. I can run UE4 Editor on my MacBook Air (2 cores! 1.4 ghz, turbo boosts to 2.7 ), using built in Intel HD5000 graphics. With lowest settings, in editor, i can usually get 45-50 fps on third person template. Don’t have any experience with AMD APU’s though :confused:

That processor will work with UE4 even though it is 2.1ghz, I run UE4 on a 1.6ghz AMD processor on a £300 laptop, all you have to do is go in to the AMD catalyst panel and boost the speed of the processor or turn on turbo boost.

Hi BrianRichardMichaelMcCarthy, I think that configuration of your PC is good to work with UE4 for projects without very high graphics quality. In my case, I’m beginning to work with UE4 using a Laptop with “i7” cpu to 2,2 ghz, 8gb RAM and Intel Graphics HD4000, and I don’t have many problems to work with it. I recommend you, if you can do, update to maximum RAM size that your PC allows.